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The current fees for Avon Chiropractic Healthcare services are set out below:

New Patient Chiropractic Consultation  -  £70  

This appointment is for people who have not seen a Chiropractor at Avon Chiropractic Healthcare before. During this 60 minutes appointment, your chiropractor will take a full detailed history of your complaint.  Following this, a physical examination will be performed before a diagnosis is determined. If it is considered appropriate you will recieve hands-on treatement, after which your chiropractor will offer some advice and specific home exercises to help manage your condition.

Chiropractic Follow-up - £35  

Follow-up appointments are for patients who have attended the clinics before and whose chiropractor is familiar with their condition and plan of management. These visits will usually include hand-on treatment, advice and the progression of specific exercises in order to continue to reduce symptoms, improve function and lesson the chances of future episodes. 

New Complaint Follow-up - £50

This appointment is for existing patients only and is ideal if you have not been for a while or have a new problem. It allows a little more time with the chiropractor.

Free Screen - No fee

We offer a short consultation with a chiropractor, for people who are unsure whether chiropractic care might be helpful or suitable for them.

Private Medical Insurance

Most insurance companies will cover chiropractic fees. In some cases patient may needs to be referred to us by their GP,  Some patients chose to  settle their fees directly with the clinic and claim these back from their insurance company. However, it is also possible for our clinics to pass invoices directly on to the insurance company concerned.

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