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The fees for all Avon Chiropractic services are set out below:

Information session - Free

Avon Chiropractic offers anybody who desires to find out whether a chiropractor will be able to help them a free consultation where they can discuss their condition with a chiropractor and obtain information.

Initial Consultation - £60   (£45 for children)

This includes a comprehensive case history, an examination and, if no further investigations are required, a diagnosis. Treatment, if appropriate, is also included.

Treatment - £33   (£23 for children)

This includes all the physical treatment deemed appropriate by the chiropractor. Information might also be given about an exercise programme tailored to the patient's needs and advice regarding ergonomic considerations. All correspondence with a patient's General Practitioner, Specialist or Employer is also provided (with the patient's consent).

Private Medical Insurance

Most insurance companies will cover chiropractic fees. Often, but not always, the patient needs to be referred by their GP, or in some instances a consultant. Most patients settle their fees directly with the clinic and claim these back from their insurance company. However, arrangements can usually be made for Avon Clinics to pass on invoices directly to the insurance company concerned.

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Medical Reports - £100

If instructed by a solicitor, medical reports can be produced within 4 weeks of the request.