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Free Chiropractic Screen

Many people are unsure about whether they want to visit a chiropractor, or whether it would help their problem at all.

At Avon Chiropractic, we believe the answer can be found in a Free Chiropractic Screen.

These screens are ideal if you would like to determine, without obligation, if our services may be of benefit to you.

Free Chiropractic Screens are 15 min. long informal appointments with one of our doctors to simply talk about your health concerns, whether it will be a pain or an illness. No medical history is taken, no physical examination is done and no treatment takes place. They are just a venue for a prospective patient to get in contact with the clinic and find out if chiropractic may be the way to go and if a proper Initial consultation is worth carrying out, before any money is spent.

Our doctors are very happy to voice their opinions and in cases where they think that chiropractic wouldn't help, they can help the person by pointing them in the right direction and referring them on to someone who may be able to help.

So, to find out if we are likely to be able to treat the root of your problem (or that of your child, friend or family member) and give you a long term solution, call us today to arrange your free appointment.